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“The fact is that our foreign policy is now and will be for generations the paramount, the absorbing question before us, and upon its wise solution will depend the domestic welfare of the American people.”

— Wendell L. Willkie
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"Welcome to Worldy" Blog

Achieving Diversity in National Security: Georgetown’s Security Studies Summer Institute for HBCU Students

This summer, I had an incredible opportunity to attend the Georgetown Security Studies Summer Institute for HBCU Students. After hearing ecstatic reviews from my friend, who was a member of...

Voluntourism: The Challenging Ethics of Responsible Travel

The international volunteering industry has a complicated ethical terrain. It’s a tangled web of beliefs, techniques, and approaches to development and assistance. It’s also at the heart of any conversation...

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“Carpe Global is a comprehensive, practical resource hub. It is more than a typical website featuring information. I like that they are building a community
of passionate individuals who want to connect with
and strengthen the global community.”

Rachelle DeCaro, Refugee Protection Specialist

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“Carpe Global is a great resource for both recent graduates and seasoned professionals
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Karen Z., Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and English professor

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