World101 is a growing library of free multimedia resources that provide an immersive learning experience in a variety of settings: in classrooms, in corporate training rooms, and at home. Through… Continue Reading »

Convene the Council

In Convene the Council, students play the role of president of the United States, navigating a range of U.S. foreign policy issues from the White House Situation Room. The game… Continue Reading »

Turkiye Scholarships

Turkiye Scholarships is a government-funded higher education scholarship program run by the Republic of Trkiye for international students.

The Language Flagship

The Language Flagship is a national effort to change the way Americans learn languages. They offer language programs at schools across the United States for undergraduate students in critical languages.


The University of North Georgia has received a two-year STARTALK grant of more than $327,000 from the National Security Agency to provide instruction on the Chinese language and astronomy for… Continue Reading »

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