VACorps is a professional internship program based in Cape Town, South Africa. They offer internships in a variety of fields focused on high-level professional development and cultural engagement.

Fluent Forever

A language-learning app based on the principles of personalized flashcard creation and spaced repetition.

Adelante Abroad

An organization that builds customized international internships, volunteer opportunities and programs in Spain, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Mexico, and Scotland.


Wikitongues is an effort to document every language in the world through videos of native speakers. Visit their website to learn about the efforts to keep endangered languages alive.


This is Linguist Lauren Gawne’s blog on language, chock full of what different careers in linguistics looks like.

7000 Languages

Free, online courses teaching endangered languages from around the world.

Language Log

UPenn’s Mark Liberman runs this online community of top linguists. Their goal is calling out bad linguistics in the news, interesting translation mixups, and more.


This website houses language learning resources for everyone from Croatian to Persian learners. These range from phrase lists to links to useful videos. In addition, readers can follow polyglot Shannon… Continue Reading »

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