Using spaced repetition, mnemonics, interleaving, and more, WaniKani is a Japanese-kanji-and-vocabulary-learning app with a simple goal: teach you most of the 2,000 joyo kanji and 6,000 vocabulary words in one… Continue Reading »


Tofugu writes for people who are excited about learning the Japanese language. Their website contains language guides, resource reviews, and interviews with interesting Japanese people to help people who want… Continue Reading »

The Prospect Foundation

The Prospect Foundation is a government-affiliated think tank, established in 1997, that analyzes the Cross-Taiwan-Strait relations, international politics, and economy, in addition to providing policy suggestions for the Taiwanese government.

Radio Free Asia

Radio Free Asia, a privately operated non-profit corporation funded by the United States government, actively broadcasts radio programs and publishes online news, information, and commentary for its audiences in Asia.

AYFN Academy

AYFN Academy is opportunities platform for youth across the globe to build network. It aims to create and provide youth, knowledge and cultural exchange activities. It endeavors to increase education… Continue Reading »

Language Connects Foundation

The Language Connects Foundation is a national not-for-profit and philanthropic organization created in partnership with ACTFL to uplift language educators and champion language education Their goal is to help ensure… Continue Reading »

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