Where on Earth? Quizzes

These NASA-provided puzzles are designed to inspire understanding of the physical, biological and human processes that influence our home planet and cover topics from Archaeology to Zoology.

Free Rice

Freerice is a game created to support the UN World Food Programme. The game works by answering questions and having advertisements appear that then generate a payment to WFP in… Continue Reading »

UNAI focuses on what the youth of the world can achieve and have achieved through education. The UNAI blog includes quizzes on international holidays, information about their internship, and information… Continue Reading »

World Religions Quiz

Test your knowledge of religions around the world from Morocco to Russia.

World Landmarks Quiz

Can you pick the country where each landmark is located in just 60 seconds?

World Capitals Quiz

Can you pick the capital that goes with each of the 30 countries in just 60 seconds?

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