Global Citizen Testimonials

"Carpe Global is a very interesting website collecting global resources which might otherwise escape your radar. The information on Carpe Global is very broad and diverse, you can find useful information for your work as well as for your leisure time."
Giorgio Marinoni
Manager, Internationalization, International Association of Universities
"Carpe Global is a comprehensive, practical resource hub. It is more than a typical website featuring information. I like that they are building a community of passionate individuals who want to connect with and strengthen the global community."
Rachelle DeCaro
Refugee Protection Specialist
"Carpe Global's positive core, combined with its effort to empower people, truly makes it a "home" for anyone trying to make our world a better place, one connection at a time."
Megan Sanchez
CEO, EVMO News, Italy
"I believe that Carpe Global is a good resource for informational exploration and the discovery of new cultural opportunities. I also commend it for the support they give to children going through difficult times."
Valeri Andre B. S. Menezes
Youth Association, São Tomé and Principe

Educator Testimonials

"Carpe Global brings together the best of the many resources that the internet has to offer for the globally-minded student, educator, and citizen."
Jeff Blair
Humanities teacher, Lake Washington Girls Middle School
"Global education is crucial in the 21st century and there are many resources available that too few students, educators and businesses are aware of. Carpe Global is the best curated site to bring together these opportunities and is a very valuable asset."
David Coury
Professor of Humanistic Studies and Global Studies, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
"Carpe Global is an excellent resource for students, educators, and global citizens. Information and inspiration found on the Carpe Global website are invaluable and well-timed!"
Candice Progler-Thomsen
Founder and International Education Consultant, HigherEd Counseling
"As a teacher at an International Baccalaureate school, I appreciate all this global goodness. Keep it coming!"
Kim S.
Global Studies Program Chair
"Carpe Global is a great resource for both recent graduates and seasoned professions searching for opportunities and researching organizations, as well as for anyone seeking to better understand current global issues."
Karen Z.
English professor and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer

Student Testimonials

"I am always seeking new opportunities for professional development and growth. Carpe Global is a unique resource for discovering amazing educational platforms and events worldwide."  
Tatsiana Ziniakova
Fulbright Student Scholar
"As a student at a small-town university, it's not easy to pursue a career in international relations. Carpe Global is an excellent example of how the world can open up from wherever you are, if you just know to look in the right place. It is a great tool for professional development and growth."
Kenzie Campbell, Interdisciplinary Studies major
University of North Carolina at Asheville
"I'm impressed with the global information for those of us broadening our horizons. Now, more than ever, we need to promote positivity and enhance the potential of millions worldwide."
Kyle Burnett
Masters in International Environmental Policy, Middlebury Institute of International Studies
"Until Carpe Global came along, I had no idea that there were so many amazing things out there! It makes me feel like the whole world is more accessible as I head into grad school. I also love that they help an amazing charitable organization."
Jordan Keller
Former Global Studies major
"Carpe Global has helped me discover many opportunities that I would never have found otherwise. It's an indispensable resource for anyone who wants to gain international experience."
Anastasiya Miazhevich
Global Studies major
“This is the hub for great resources. As an incoming college freshman this has opened many new doors for me."
Jayda C.
First year college student
"I didn’t realize there were so many opportunities around the world I was missing out on! This website provides tons of resources in one place for any travel lover."
Secondary student, Punahou School
"No matter what global topic interests you, Carpe Global is the place to go, especially for university students! I learned about so many cool resources! If you're a student looking for international opportunities, just know this website is run by people like you for people like you!"
Sarah Kurpius
International Studies major
"It’s really exciting to see such a comprehensive guide to a world of possibilities."
Marie S.
2020 graduate, Global Studies and Education
"It is very helpful to students and anyone who is a global citizen and wants to be interconnected with the world. This could definitely help me with job ideas for the future."
Dana F.
International Studies Major
“Carpe Global is a truly useful tool when searching for opportunities concentrated in one place that can still be filtered by different categories. That is Carpe Global’s huge difference.”
Andrés Peñaloza Lanza
M.A. Peace and Development Work, Linnaeus University, Sweden