Go Global, Be Happy

This blog serves as an entertaining, but serious personal guide with only one mission: to inspire and help you make at least one, if not several decisions to globalize your… Continue Reading »

The Global Diplomat

The Global Diplomat is a website run by students all over the world interested in international politics. In addition to the variety and depth of content, you can contribute an… Continue Reading »

E-International Relations

This website is devoted to interviews, book reviews, and a whole host of other mediums in the realm of foreign policy. Top minds across the world write content for the… Continue Reading »


This website houses language learning resources for everyone from Croatian to Persian learners. These range from phrase lists to links to useful videos. In addition, readers can follow polyglot Shannon… Continue Reading »


Wanderful is a global lifestyle brand and community that helps women around the world travel by connecting them. These connections are fostered through encouraging the growth of women building businesses… Continue Reading »

Green Global Travel

Green Global Travel is an ecotourism, nature/wildlife conservation & cultural preservation website and travel blog focused on inspiring people to travel more adventurously, consciously and sustainably.

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