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On August 17, we will revert to our paid subscription plan designed for social good. We will then contribute 5% of every new subscription fee to Clowns Without Borders USApart of a worldwide network. They build “Resilience Through Laughter” among children and families in refugee camps and areas of poverty, conflict, and natural disaster. Enjoy this five-minute video of the Clowns in action (click here). Your heart will be warmed and you will love them as much as we do.


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Enjoy free access to Carpe Global until August 17.



Enjoy free access to Carpe Global until August 17.


Customized access for multiple users at universities, NGO’s, companies, and others. This option will be enabled on August 17. Until then, click below to learn more about giving ownership of worldly information to the people you work with and serve. 

Not all of the benefits outlined in “Membership Privileges” below will be available during the free access period. Once that ends on August 17, individual subscriptions begin at less than you would spend for lunch and a latte. In this case, what’s on the menu has life-changing potential. Regardless of subscription levels, all Carpe Global members will enjoy things like:

  • Access to all current and future content, lots of new global gold added each week.
  • A personal account and “favorites” library.
  • International job postings from multiple sources. 
  • Our informative blog, newsletters, and worldwide events calendar. 
Carpe Global Membership Privileges ExplorerDiscovererVoyager
(group / multiple member access)
Access all current and future international resources and opportunities.
Read MoreOur curated collection of thousands covers a wide range global gold worldwide. Many new content items are added each week. Something here can enhance the global you, and those you serve or work with.
Enjoy full access to our "Global Collections" section.
Read MoreThe collections will be changed on a regular basis. This is where we offer loads of content in categories such as quizzes, podcasts, books, and travel, to name a few.
Save resources and opportunities to your "Favorites."
Read MoreYou WILL find things you like here. This is one of the most productive uses of your subscription. Everyone has their own global goals and interests.
Create a profile and opt in to network with other members of the Carpe Global community.
Read MoreThere is fun and potential in communicating and collaborating with fellow global citizens. Invite other CG subscribers into your circle, share messages, and more.
Participate in a community forum.
Read MoreAsk others about their experience with certain resources and opportunities, discuss global issues, and more.
Stay informed with access to our worldwide Events Calendar. Note the special offer for Discoverer and Voyager members.
Read MoreALL members can access the calendar to learn about events and opportunities worldwide - and about the organizations and associations hosting them. Discoverer and Voyager members can submit events for posting on the calendar.
Stay in the loop and get sparked by our informative monthly newsletter.
Read MoreThe newsletter announces new resources and opportunities, features interesting people and places, spotlights special events, and more.
Enhance your career prospects by learning about international job opportunities.
Read MoreWe feature job announcements from several major sources, helping you move upward and onward. Carpe Diem with Carpe Global!
Explore even more global through our "Welcome to Worldly" blog.
Read MoreWhere we dive deep on global topics, feature guest bloggers, and spotlight content items.
Get informed and empowered by our podcast (coming soon).
Read MoreFeaturing guests who have pursued and utilized great resources and opportunities. Also featuring guests from global companies, NGO's, and associations.
Get customized, one-on-one ideas and support.*
Read MoreVia email or scheduled, real-time communication with CG staff. For example, we can provide guidance for using or sharing CG productively, or considering global academic and career pursuits. *For Voyager members, this service is limited to a single representative.
Listen in to our quarterly webinar.
Read MoreFeaturing special guests, outstanding new content highlights, tips for using CG productively, and more.
Be a CG insider and enjoy web pages created for special purposes.
Read MoreFeatures and reviews of global podcasts, books by authors we admire, NGO's doing amazing work worldwide, and so on.
Advertise your global workplace and expertise in one of two ways (you choose):
Read More1) a one-week feature/link in our home page Worldly Content section; 2) a brief description and link in our newsletter.
Download our collection of nearly 400 global/cultural quotations.*
Read MoreThe same collection being used in our home page slideshow, quotations in categories such as diplomacy, human rights, environment, and culture. Use them in academic papers, newsletters, articles, grant proposals, and presentations. *Limited to one person in the Voyager level.
Use a customized portal/gateway for multiple person access to CG.
Read MoreOffer global gold to all those you work with and/or serve. This is the vision option for those who understand the power of sharing useful information. The portal will feature your logo and allow access for unlimited individual accounts.
Annual consultations to enhance the global competence and internationalization of your workplace.
Read MoreBeyond CG content, we will consult with you about becoming more global creatively, within your context and needs.
Colleges and universities: Join us for 3 webinars per semester for insights and updates.
Read MoreOne webinar per semester for the global good of each of three groups: students, faculty and staff, and alums.
Companies and Organizations: join us in biannual webinars for insights and updates.
Read MoreTips about resources and opportunities that can enhance the global and intercultural competence of your workplace.