Your customized portal into carpe global

Subscribing to Carpe Global will demonstrate your creative and innovative ability to serve others. We provide a perfect solution where time is scarce, budgets are tight, and everyone is doing more with less.

The Voyager subscription level is where the proactive power of Carpe Global is maximized for impact across an entire school, district, campus, organization, or company. The secret ingredient of empowerment is giving ownership of information to people who will take advantage of it for their own good, and perhaps for the good of others around them. Think beyond the “work added” approach of trying to identify and share relevant information as yet another part of your job. Think value-added instead. Unleash the masses into Carpe Global, then wait for increased levels of global interest, ideas, and engagement. We promise it will happen, and they will love you for it!  

Here’s how this works:

1) Select the participant and price level within Voyager.

Prices are based on the size of the student population, or the number of organization or company employees. Prices are quite reasonable in comparison to many other subscription-based educational services and platforms. 

We encourage creative cost-sharing. At a university, for example, Carpe Global is relevant not just to offices of international education and/or study abroad, but also to career service centers, libraries, academic programs such as Global Studies, and the alumni relations office (alums with global interests tell us they need something like this).

2) We develop your customized portal.

The portal, featuring your logo, provides access to our content for everyone there. For details and an example of the portal we will develop for you, click on the appropriate account link below. 

3) The global information party begins!

Make Carpe Global known to those you work with and serve. We will provide a customized message template and a checklist of suggestions to help you accomplish that efficiently and comprehensively. Then wait for the gratitude, ideas, and global pursuits of those around you. It WILL happen.