World Humanitarian Day

This World Day was designated by the UN in order to raise awareness for aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service as well as gain support for people… Continue Reading »

International Youth Day

This international day was designated by the UN General Assembly to celebrate young people everywhere, youth-led organizations, as well as those working to educate and uplift the global youth. Young… Continue Reading »

World Chess Day

This World Day celebrates chess as a game with, as the UN delegate from Armenia argues, the ability to transcend national boundaries and break down political, social, and racial barriers…. Continue Reading »

World Youth Skills Day

This World Day is designated to celebrate the active engagement of youth in sustainable development efforts in order to actively combat the impacts of climate change, unemployment, poverty, gender inequality,… Continue Reading »

Today is the day to recognize those who identify as non-binary and celebrate the rich diversity of the community! Non-binary folks are people who don’t identify exclusively as a man or… Continue Reading »

World Population Day

This World Day was organized to bring attention to the urgency and importance of population issues. On this day it is imperative to remember that gender equality and reproductive rights… Continue Reading »

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