Today is the day to recognize those who identify as non-binary and celebrate the rich diversity of the community! Non-binary folks are people who don’t identify exclusively as a man or… Continue Reading »

World Population Day

This World Day was organized to bring attention to the urgency and importance of population issues. On this day it is imperative to remember that gender equality and reproductive rights… Continue Reading »

The aim of this international day as organized by the UN and the International Co-operative Alliance is to raise awareness on cooperatives, the successes of the international cooperative movement, and… Continue Reading »

The United Nations declared this day to raise public awareness about the hazard of asteroid impact and inform about globally crisis actions necessary in the event of an asteroid threat… Continue Reading »

This day is designated to celebrate the day on which the global organization of parliaments, the Inter-Parliamentary Union, was established. It celebrates the manners in which parliaments benefit the lives… Continue Reading »

Day of the Seafarer

The International Maritime Organization has designated this international day to recognize that almost everything in the world economy and civil society is affected by seat transport and the personal risks… Continue Reading »

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