International Tea Day

The UN designated this day in order to promote collective actions and activities for the sustainable production and consumption of tea. Tea is important in many cultures, It provides a… Continue Reading »

Commemorated by UNESCO, this day is a global initiative that celebrates the importance of light in science, culture and art, education, and sustainable development, allowing many different parts of society… Continue Reading »

World Oceans Day

The United Nations has made this observance in order to inform the public the important ways in which the health of oceans and the health of humans are increasingly interconnected… Continue Reading »

National Nurses Day

National Nurses day is celebrated annually to raise awareness about the important work nurses do for society. It marks the beginning of National Nurses Week.

This World Day is celebrated to remind governments of the need to respect their commitment to press freedom and for media professionals to reflect on their role in societies and… Continue Reading »

International Jazz Day

International Jazz Day aims to inform the international community of how jazz can work as a force for peace, unity, dialogue and enhanced cooperation among people, as well as a… Continue Reading »

Intellectual Property rights play an important role in innovation and creativity! We need creativity and innovation to solve the complex problems of today and intellectual property rights help protect and… Continue Reading »

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