The Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes works with students and educators across diverse academic disciplines to develop history projects that highlight role models who demonstrate courage, compassion and respect.


DrEducation is a blog providing trends & insights in Global Higher Education

Happy Wanderings

The author of this blog recounts her international adventures alongside her husband. She holds a Masters in International Relations, and has expertise in, ‘research, public policy, data analysis, business intelligence,… Continue Reading »

This Foreign Life

The writer of this blog hopes that it ‘can be a resource to the next person looking at life in the U.S. Foreign Service or moving to Bogot, Guadalajara.’

Healthy Expat Parent

The Healthy Expat Parent is a resource for families and parents in transition. Some of the common issues all parents face can be amplified when a family moves overseas or… Continue Reading »


This blog is written by Sarah Novak, who recounts her adventures of working in the foreign service over the past ten years.

Beyond Kimchi

This blog is a good resource for anyone interested in global cuisine.

According to Athena

This blog chronicles the stories of and travel advice of a family in the Foreign Service currently serving in Namibia, previously in Oman and Bangladesh.

Freedom Surfer

Freedom Surfer is a site focused on providing resources and services to location independent individuals. It features blog posts, country-specific articles, business registration information, guides and courses for individuals not… Continue Reading »

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