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The Jason Foundation – Mental Health Advocacy

The Jason Foundation
The Jason Foundation works in mental health advocacy, specifically in preventing the Silent Epidemic of youth suicide. The foundation has educational and awareness programs that equip young people, educators and parents with resources to help identify and assist at-risk youth.

DSS The Jason Foundation provides resources as well as ways to get involved. They invite the community to participate in professional development programs, student curriculum for teachers, and even launched an app. The app provides the tools to help a friend who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide.

DSS The Jason Foundation invites people from a multitude of backgrounds to get involved. There are programs for students, teachers, parents, coaches, first responders, and people involved in foster care. Many of these programs help people get certified to professionally help in crises, or at least have a basic awareness. The programs also assist people in advocating for mental health awareness in their communities, such as in schools or local governments.
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