Worldwide Music Conference

As a world-class music conference, WOMEX comprises a trade fair, talks, films, and showcase concerts. To strengthen the role of culture around the world, WOMEX and its delegates hope to… Continue Reading »

Pre-Med Internship

Atlantis offers Pre-med students the opportunity to spend 1-9 weeks shadowing doctors across multiple medical specialties for 60+ hours in Spain, Italy, the U.S., or multi-country programs.

Accessing a Global Education

Vaibhav Singh highlights the variety of formats available and different ways to finance global education opportunities. This source is worth consulting if you are interested in a global education, but… Continue Reading »

This program at Planet provides access to datasets for research purposes. Planet aims to create affordable access to satellite data. Their data has a wide variety of uses, from environmental… Continue Reading »

Pre-Law Internship

The Lex Fellowship offers pre-law internships in various European cities, for students to gain valuable legal experience while at the same time improving and demonstrating most of the competencies law… Continue Reading »

Internship in Vietnam

CRCC Asia offers its Vietnam Internship Program in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s business, technology, and economic hub. The government hopes that HCMC will become THE place for international internships… Continue Reading »

Internship in South Korea

The South Korea internship at CRCC Asia allows you to gain valuable experience to improve your global employability while immersing yourself in this wonderful country’s culture, cuisines, history, and business.

Volunteers worldwide will join on the island of Tenerife to watch whales and dolphins, record information, and take photographs. Creating awareness about whale and dolphin watching will also be a… Continue Reading »

USA Internship

Intern in the USA to take your career to the next level. Experience US culture first-hand while learning basic skills or receiving advanced professional training at an American Host Company…. Continue Reading »

The Spirit Volunteer Program offers a variety of volunteer projects in Ecuador with the opportunity to live with a friendly, knowledgeable host family who will help you learn about the… Continue Reading »

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