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The Center for International Policy (CIP) is a leading progressive voice on U.S. foreign affairs and offer a diverse range of remote internships. CIP works to make a peaceful and sustainable world the central pursuit of U.S. foreign policy by promoting greater cooperation, transparency, and governmental accountability. Interns are integral to CIP's programs and participate in many project activities. From supporting website databases to contributing to research or content for CIP's blog, fact sheets, and policy briefs.

CIP's internship programs include the Technology Policy Internship; Security Assistance Monitor (SAM) Internship; Climate, Arms, Migration Policy (CAMP) Internship; Communications Internship; and Development Internship. Interns also have the opportunity to do independent research with the goal of publication under their name. In doing so, you will better understand international security and U.S. foreign policy interests worldwide.

All interns receive a stipend, and applications are reviewed on a rolling basis beginning in June for the fall semester, November for the spring semester, and March for the summer semester. International students are encouraged to apply.

CIP's internship program is made possible by an endowment in memory of former Ambassador Robert White and his wife, Maryanne White. The CIP believes in including diverse perspectives and integrating new voices into research and policymaking circles.
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