If ever there was a time for rethinking paradigms and exploring innovative approaches to internationalization at schools and on campuses, it is now. As leading international educators have said, “In spite of all of the well-meaning intentions of internationalization at home, the goal of developing international and intercultural competences in all students is often unrealistic since the majority of the decisions regarding internationalization are made by institutional authorities (top-down) rather than co-constructed by the academic community.”* 

There is vision in that statement, and Carpe Global is a vision thing. We facilitate ownership of information for educators and students, in support of their global interests and needs. This meshes with major trends:

  • More digital platforms and learning online;
  • Increasing emphasis on nurturing worldly awareness and global competence at home (on campus) vs. experiential programs abroad – though Carpe Global celebrates and enhances both;
  • Maintaining value and impact creatively for global/international education, despite budget challenges.
  • Increasing attention to issues of diversity and social justice, with worldwide perspective. 

We know global/international education and school/campus environments. We share your passion for bringing the world to educators and students, and vice versa, whether or not travel is involved. Here is how we can help:

  • We open the door to thousands of international resources and opportunities that will not become known to the global citizens you serve. We assert this because…
  • We know what is being done at many fantastic campuses and schools along these lines. Frankly, it is often not enough. Students tell us, consistently and with some frustration, that they learn about so much more from Carpe Global. Those who serve students do great work, but plates are full, time and resources scarce. Let CG do the heavy lifting with regard to information curation and sharing. Then observe as those you serve appreciate the value-added gold. 
  • Recent university graduates tell us that the information featured by Carpe Global is exactly what they need to ponder or enhance global academic paths and careers. Consider making Carpe Global part of your alumni services portfolio. Your subscription covers them as long as their campus email address is still active. 
  • We host three webinars per semester, customized for each of three groups: 1) students, 2) university faculty and staff, and K-12 school educators and administrators (e.g. utilizing CG to infuse global perspectives), and 3) recent university alums. For the latter, we address themes like international academic paths and careers, professional development opportunities, and much more. 
    • All the above happens on the basis of the many resources and opportunities we feature. 
  • At your request, we will consult with you in an online meeting about creative ideas for internationalizing with Carpe Global. We can also suggest related strategies to infuse global perspectives, if you like.

Your Carpe Global portal for multiple person access will look something like the example below. This can be modified for schools, of course.

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Sponsors of the Carpe Global portal:

  • Office of Global Engagement
  • Center for Career Development 
  • University Library
  • International Relations Program
  • Office of Alumni Relations

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Next webinar on using Carpe Global productively:

  • Faculty and staff, October 30
  • Students, November 6
  • Alums, November 13

We understand budgetary challenges created by the Covid-19 crisis. Budgets have been severely cut, if not frozen. We have decided to recognize and react to this unfortunate reality by offering multi-month free access to ALL of our content. After that date and, if arranged in advance, we offer a discount of 25% on the annual prices outlined below. Remember that cost-sharing across various campus entities can make this even more viable. Please use the form below to request a conversation. 

The same holds true for K-12 districts and schools but at even better rates. Please contact us to discuss modified pricing (different than below).  

Subscription prices below are based on student populations, but access is
provided for students AND all faculty and staff…and recent alums if desired (they will thank you).


If you need further convincing, consider what educators, students, and other global citizens are saying about CG. Use the form below to request an initial conversation, if you like. We look forward to hearing from you!

*Corrales, K.A., Lourdes, R.P., Paige, M.P. (2021). Translating Internationalization Initiatives From the Macro to the Micro: A Grassroots Experience. In Malfati, G. (Ed.). People-Centered Approaches Toward the Internationalization of Higher Education (p. 2). IGI Global. doi: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3796-1