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Why Carpe Global?

  • Don’t wait and hope to be told about global gold nuggets – it may not happen. Here they are, shazam!
    Scholarships, fellowships, student conferences, contests, and much more. 

  • Use Carpe Global in consideration and support of academic pursuits. Broaden your worldly horizons!

  • Put yourself on the cutting edge for a competitive job market becoming more global each day. 

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Below are examples of our content. Did anyone ever tell you about these? If not, ouch! Time to join Carpe Global. Information like this is what we are all about. More examples of our content can be seen on the home page.

  • Global Glimpse, empowering secondary students from around the world to develop leadership skills, connect with each other, and engage in life-changing experiences in the developing world.

  • The High North Fellowship, a monthly stipend and travel grant for students from the USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, South Korea who attend an institution in Norway (for free).  

  • Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, sign up as a student member and enjoy learning, networking, and career prospects under the broad umbrella of foreign policy. 

  • Future Leaders Connect, a program and leadership network for young people, ages 18-35, interested in addressing today’s global challenges. 

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