Urooj Malik

Position: Professor of Practice, international advisor and consultant

Urooj considers himself a global citizen, having studied and worked at a number of places around the world. He is a seasoned professional commanding over 35 years of experience in sustainable development. He is currently a Professor at the Mindanao State University (MSU) where he is engaged in teaching in the doctoral program covering the topics of governance, development and peace education. He also serves as the Principal Adviser on Development Management at the Bangsamoro Development Agency. Urooj is the former Chairman and CEO of Hineleban Foundation Inc. (HFI), a social development organization with a focus on ecosystem conservation and livelihood development. Prior to joining HFI, he was with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) where his career spanned over two and half decades. During his last 10 years at ADB, he served in the senior management stream. Urooj holds a BSc in Natural Resource Management, an MSc in Resource Economics and a Ph.D. in Sustainable Development Management. He has authored a number of publications on sustainable development and has spoken at various Asian and global conferences. He is a recipient of high-level awards from public organizations and private sector agencies.

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