Sam Stone

Sam Stone is the Director of Global Engagement at Leading Cities, an international NGO advancing sustainability, resilient city strategies, and technologies to improve the quality of life in cities around the world. He is also involved with OneShared.World and spearheaded the development of the Global Youth Coalition, a high school and university chapter system with pilots being created in the United States, Kenya, Turkey, India, the Philippines, and more. Despite growing up in a small town in Western Massachusetts, Sam’s focus and passions are deeply global, and his family of artists have given him the courage to try creating solutions to the world’s biggest problems. Identifying the state of human division as an unspoken existential crisis, Sam recently started writing at He is drawing together an advisory board for the Human Century Collective, an organization committed to fostering generational identity as a means to bridge divides, increase global cohesion, and ignite hope of a better future while connecting and empowering the individuals committed to building a sustainable, human-centered world. Sam is a junior at Wheaton College, MA, majoring in International Relations. When not at work, you can find him playing soccer or ultimate frisbee, exploring cities and nature, or relaxing with music and his friends.

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