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Carpe Global is an empowering idea zone for educators’ professional development, worldly teaching, and international adventure.

Why Carpe Global?

  • We feature resources and opportunities for educators at all levels – K-12, post-secondary, and community programs. 

  • Everyone is doing more with less these days. Let us do the digging for global gold! We guarantee lots of things new to you.   

  • Infuse more global into your teaching, and broaden students’ horizons with amazing opportunities for them.

  • Network with others through your Carpe Global account. Creative collaboration and greater potential can begin here!

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Below are examples of our content. Did you know about these? Time to join Carpe Global! More examples of our content can be seen on the home page. Also click on the “Students” box to see content examples relevant to them. They may never learn about such things unless an informed educator informs them. 

  • Measuring Global Citizenship Education – a toolkit developed by a consortium of 90 organizations and experts worldwide, based on a survey of programs and initiatives for youth (ages 15–24).  

  • National High School Essay Contest – on a different global theme each year, sponsored by the American Foreign Service Association. University students are often dismayed that no one told them about this in high school. 

  • Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Program – an adventurous study tour and leadership program of National Geographic. 

  • Professors Without Borders – a global community of academics and professionals bridging the educational divide between countries, and between students and their teachers. 

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