International Volunteer Day

This International Day, established by the UN General Assembly, provides the opportunity for volunteers and volunteer organizations to celebrate their work and impact and raise awareness for the causes they… Continue Reading »

World Soil Day

This World Day is held as a means to focus attention on the importance of healthy soil and to advocate for the sustainable management of soil resources!

International Day of Banks

This International Day is designated to emphasize the importance of international financial inclusion and the potential of multilateral development banks in financing sustainable development as well as contributing to the… Continue Reading »

World AIDS Day

The commemoration of World AIDS Day is an important opportunity to recognize the essential role that communities have played and continue to play in the AIDS response at the international,… Continue Reading »

World Television Day

This World Day is celebrated in recognition of the enormous role television plays in our video consumption. Television is especially important in the spread of global news and education and… Continue Reading »

Africa Industrialization Day

This day is meant to recognize the ways in which industrialization will help African Countries to grow, diversify their economies, and work to eradicate poverty.

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