Get a seat at the international information table.

Access to new information enhances the vital process of creativity and innovation. The recipe for innovative success includes creative people using new information to cook up entirely unique things.

It’s a vision thing – new information as a bridge to new perspectives, new networks, new collaboration, and new angles of approach.

If you think subscribing to Carpe Global is a risk of some sort, lean in! Risk-taking is another innovation ingredient. Great things are rarely accomplished through status quo. 

Carpe Global lends itself to developments like:

  • Discovering opportunities for professional development and funding (e.g. grants).
  • Learning about like-minded organizations for potential partnerships (e.g. reciprocal advertising).
  • Enhancing global and intercultural competence for staffs and/or those you serve (e.g. members).
  • Increasing prospects for membership recruitment and charitable contributions. 
  • Gaining other benefits within your own global context and needs, things you can imagine and make happen.
  • We do bi-annual (twice yearly) webinars to introduce tools and resources that serve the global needs and interests of companies and organizations.
  • At your request, we will consult with you about strategies and resources for building global and intercultural competence within your workplace, using Carpe Global and otherwise.

Your Carpe Global portal for multiple person access will look something like the example below.


~ Your logo here ~

International resources and opportunities
in keeping with our global scope.
(text here customized as you wish)

Register or LOG IN

User Name (campus email address): _______________   
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Use your workplace e-mail address to register. You will receive email with an activation link for secure access to Carpe Global will collect your name and email address for registration purposes only. NGO X is not liable or responsible for information shared by Carpe Global or any actions resulting from that information.

Next webinar on using Carpe Global productively:

  • November 10, 2020

Pricing is based on your total number of staff and/or the number of people for whom you want to arrange access. 

2,000-5,000…………….$2,000 (57 cents/person @3,500 users)

500-2,000……………….$1,500 ($1.20/person @1,250 users)

250-500………………….$1,000 (about $2.67/person @375 users)

5-250……………………..$500 ($4/person @125 users)

If you need further convincing, consider what global citizens of all sorts are saying about CG. Use the form below to request an initial conversation, if you like. We look forward to hearing from you!