Carpe Global is about worldly perspective and potential.

Why Carpe Global?

  • Global citizens are people like us, with interests and involvements encompassing other countries, cultures, and the complex issues challenging and connecting people around the world.

  • Global citizens are members of civic organizations, corporate personnel, NGO staff, civil servants, families who host exchange students, travelers, lifelong learners, and many others. It’s a long list, and this is for all of you! 

  • Carpe Global can enhance your personal and professional pursuits. Knowledge through information is positive power!

  • Network with others through your Carpe Global account. Creative collaboration and greater potential can begin here!

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Below are examples of our content. Did you know about these? Time to join Carpe Global. More examples of our content can be seen on the home page.

  • UNESCO Clearinghouse on Global Citizenship Education – policies, best practices, teaching and learning materials, journal articles, and other resources on GCED from around the world.

  • Global Voices – an international and multilingual community of bloggers, journalists, translators, academics, and human rights activists building understanding across borders.

  • Global Citizen – original content and videos published every day about issues that mean the most to you. Opportunities to take action and network with others. 

  • Radio Garden – Radio Garden allows listeners to manipulate the “Earth from space” and tune into live radio worldwide. Also a great teaching tool for languages, geography, global studies, etc. 

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