The Human Library

The Human Library is an international not for profit organization with administrative headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. The HLO serves as a learning platform for personal dialogs that challenge stigma and… Continue Reading »

Let’s Fight Racism!

The UN has compiled a list of resources, stories, and educational components to help combat global racism.

This site contains list of resources (many freely accessible) from libraries, university presses, and scholars on the subjects of racism, racial justice, police brutality, and protest.

Williams Writes

This is the website of an American author who lived in different African countries and in Haiti. It promotes books, for all ages.

Rethinking Education

Rethinking Schools is a nonprofit that aims to reshape the traditonal textbook-based public school curriculum. It publishes books and a quarterly magazine to carry out their mission.

Teaching for Change

Teaching for Change provides teachers and parents with the tools to create schools where students learn to read, write, and change the world to build a more equitable, multicultural society,… Continue Reading »

Planet eBook

Planet eBook is a free website that allows its users to read books for free on the Internet. They have works by Aesop, Nietzsche, Grimm Brothers, and more.

Global Digital Library

The Global Book alliance provides access to free, high-quality, early grade reading resources around the world, in languages that children use and understand.

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