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The Nationalism Project

One of the most widely used nationalism studies resources on the Internet, a clearinghouse of scholarly nationalism information including leading definitions of nationalism, book reviews, web links, subject bibliographies, a bibliography of more than 2,000 journal articles, and much more.
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Queer Migration Politics as Transnational Activism

The Scholar & Feminist Online
"Queer Migration Politics as Transnational Activism" is an article written by Karma R. Chavez where she discusses two examples of queer migration politics in the United States and how it impacts sovereignty and borders.
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Nonprofit Works to Empower Women Throughout West Africa

The Chronicles of Philanthropy
This is an episode of the Business of Giving Podcast featuring a nonprofit in Senegal that promotes women empowerment. The nonprofit also focuses on social change in Senegal and other Sub-Saharan countries. (Transcript available)
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Treaty of Paris

Curriculum Pathways provided by SAS
Explore the Treaty of Paris signed by Great Britain and the United States in 1783 outlining the terms of the former colonies’ independence
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